Apel przeciw gazociągowi Nord Stream-2

Silny głos przeciw gazociągowi NS-2 – apel 65 posłów, w tym Anny Fotygi, reprezentujących 21 państw członkowskich oraz 7 z 8 grup politycznych:

28th of March 2017

For the attention of:
The President of the European Council, Mr Donald Tusk,
The President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker

Copies to:
High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy & Vice-President of the Commission, Mrs Federica Mogherini,
Vice-President of the Commission for the Energy Union, Mr Maroš Šefčovič,
The Commissioner for Climate Action & Energy, Mr Miguel Arias Cañete,

Urgent action required to stop the Nord Stream 2 project

According to the company behind Nord Stream 2, the project is now so advanced that formal applications for construction in EU Member State territorial waters will be submitted within a matter of days or weeks, as reported in Danish media.

We, the undersigned Members of the European Parliament, hereby stress our strong opposition to Nord Stream 2 and call upon The European Council and The European Commission to take urgent action to ensure, that this high-risk project does not go ahead.

It is our firm conviction that the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline would be highly detrimental to both European security and European climate policy. Furthermore, it would actively undermine the provisions of the nascent European Energy Union. As such, this is a matter not of strictly national competence but a matter, which will have far-reaching European consequences.

Allowing the Nord Stream 2-pipeline to go ahead would only serve to increase European dependency on Russian gas, provide Russia with the means to bypass and effectively boycott Ukraine and a number of EU Member States and unnecessarily prolong European consumption of fossil fuels.

Furthermore, Nord Stream 2 will be a powerful weapon in the Russian diplomatic arsenal. A weapon Europe can ill afford to provide them.

We need not remind The European Council and the European Commission that Russia has repeatedly used its gas supply – and the revocation thereof – as a tool to punish countries that stray from the path the Kremlin has set out for them. Europe should not allow itself nor its neighbouring countries to be subjected to such treatment.

Keeping in mind the current Russian regime’s litany of aggressive actions from the illegal occupation and annexation of Crimea, to actively trying to influence democratic elections in other countries and its sustained programme of misinformation targeted at European citizens, we insist that such actions should not be tolerated. Let alone rewarded by granting permission to a project such as Nord Stream2.

The European Union must stand united in rejecting Nord Stream 2, and we look to The European Council and the European Commission to take practical action in the matter and ensure a swift, united and unequivocal rejection of the Nord Stream 2 project in both word and deed.

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