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22 Grudzień 2020

Written question to Commisioner Simson on cancelation of the ENSREG mission to Belarus

The ENSREG mission to Belarus planned for 16-18 December 2020 was cancelled one day before its departure due to refusal of the Belarusian side to cooperate in the preparation of a physical visit to the Astravyets NPP. The aim of the mission was to assess the nuclear safety situation at the Astravyets NPP, which since its launch in November 2020 has already registered several malfunctions. Cancelation of the ENSREG mission leaves the EU in a blind zone, as the Belarusian regime does not provide credible information about the incidents and nuclear safety situation at the Astravyets NPP.


  1. What is the official European Commission‘s reaction regarding cancelation of the ENSREG mission? How does the Commission asses the nuclear safety situation at the Astravyets NPP?


  1. What actions the Commission is planning in the nearest future to address the nuclear safety threats posed by the Astravyets NPP? What countermeasures will be applied in response to Belarusian regime‘s ignorance to the safety concerns voiced by the EU?


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